Life Lessons Learn From the Ocean

Just like the ocean serves you sunburns, sandy bruises and jellyfish stings, so does life serve its fair share of ups and downs. It can be difficult for most people to handle the pressure life offers and some end up giving up altogether. If you are going through a difficult time, or you just want a different perspective on life, the ocean offers the perfect metaphor. It is full of lessons left right and centre.


  1. The Destination isn’t Always in Full View

Ship captains or even sport-fishing enthusiasts will tell you that when they are in the ocean in the middle of nowhere, the horizon stretches for miles. They never rely on their senses to know where they are or where they are going. It is for this reason that they have to rely on GPS systems to get their bearing and to keep on track. Most importantly, however, is that they trust their navigation tools to help them reach their destination. Navigating through the sea of life is much the same way. You need to have trust in the positive actions you put in whatever you do even though you might not see the destination. When you do that, you will eventually see your destination just like ship captains see land on the horizon. 

(Let’s talk about the positive effects of music in the next article!)

  1. Know when to Rise above Problems and When to Duck them


Ocean waves come in all shapes and sizes, just like life’s problems. There are the waves that will slam you on the beach and scrape your knees if you turn your back to them. For such waves, you are better off jumping and raising your body high to buffer the force. Therefore, if you encounter a problem in life, the best would be to stand your ground and rise above the issue. However, some waves are better handled by diving into them than standing your ground. You will get wet when you come out on the other side, but that would be better than getting slammed down the ocean floor. You should use the same strategy when faced with problems that seem difficult to shake off. Not every problem is worth tackling head on.


  1. High and Low points are Standard in Life


The same way oceans experience high and low tides, is the same way life has its high and low points. When you go to the beach during low tide, you will get disappointed because you won’t be able to swim. Instead of giving up, wait for the low tide out because it is only a matter of time before the high tide shows. Similarly, the low points in your life will not last, and therefore all you have to do is be patient.


  1. Live Freely


As waves race across the surface of the ocean, they do so gracefully and freely without a care in the world. When the waves reach the shores, they are bold enough to splash around boulders and piers. There is some sense of calmness one gets from applying this principle in their life. When you become free, you will effortlessly float towards your heart’s desires.